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When one thinks about Dance Theatre of Harlem it is through their knowledge based on a past experience in one of its three main areas: the professional company; the Dance Theatre of Harlem School; and Dancing Through Barriers®, its education and outreach program.  Each facet of DTH shares the same unwavering mission and commitment to access and opportunity, and transforming lives through dance.

Often, we at Dance Theatre of Harlem, hear 

“Oh, I didn’t know you did that, too.” 


 So, in an effort to give an overview of Dance Theatre of Harlem and its impact, we have created an Infographic to encapsulate the work of the organization and illustrate the value of classical ballet on audiences, young people, and communities at large, and answer some of the questions often asked about DTH. 


Surely you will agree that we are working hard to touch lives through the beauty of ballet. This is why we need your support more than ever.