The Dance Theatre of Harlem School



The Dance Theatre of Harlem School (DTHS) is a conservatory school with a primary focus on developing well-rounded individuals who are capable of thriving in the competitive field of classical ballet or in the profession of their choice.


DTHS is accredited by the National Association of School of Dance (NASD) and is listed as an institution of higher education by the U.S. Dept. of Education.

DTHS is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students within the Professional Training Program and will assist them with an F-1 Visa.


Merit scholarships and need-based tuition assistance are available.

TENDU Program

The Tendu Program is a starter program designed for children ages 3-8 years. 


Lower School

The Lower School Program is designed for students interested in a solid understanding of the rudiments of classical ballet and a variety of other styles and techniques.


UPPER School

The Upper School Program is designed for students who have a basic understanding of ballet principles and are ready to be challenged through a rigorous course of study, crafted specifically to build well-rounded, technically proficient dancers. 


Professional Training program

The Professional Training Program is a three-year, certificate granting program designed for advanced-level aspiring professional dancers.



Summer Intensives at DTH provide students with a challenging exploration of ballet and a variety of dance techniques and styles. Our three and four week sessions take place each summer, June-August.



additional Opportunities and services


The Dance Theatre of Harlem School offers the following opportunities and services for students:



Aaron Beasley, Robert Garland, Bethania Gomes, Alexandria Myers,  Kenya Massey-Rodriguez, Ronald Perry, Darryl Quinton, Mariana Ranz, Kellye Saunders, Rachel Sekyi, Leyland Simmons, Adelheid Beatrix Strelick, Lacey Thomas, Augustus van Heerden.




Svetlana Litvinoff,  Paul Novosel

school administration

Arthur Mitchell & Karel Shook, Founders
Virginia Johnson, Artistic Director    

Anna Glass, Executive Consultant

Augustus van Heerden, School Artistic Director
Kenya Massey-Rodriguez, School Administrator
Ruben Ortiz, Business Affairs Officer
Karen Farnum-Williams, Student Affairs Officer


Dance Theatre of Harlem School is located at:

Everett Center for the Performing Arts

466 West 152nd Street
New York, NY  10031-1814
Phone:  212.690.2800
Fax:      212.690.8736